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An open letter from founder and Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Cole


As an Inc Columnist, I receive press releases from PR firms on a daily basis. 

Every single one of them is horrific.


First of all, the majority of them do not personally address me as a writer. Here you are asking me to take the time to learn about your company or CEO and write about them on my column, and yet the email I received was not in the least bit personalized. It was a horribly disorganized blast pitch, copy and pasted, with my address slapped at the top.

Emails like this, I immediately delete.

Second, the ones that are personalized, are exactly the same as the above, they just start with, "Hey Nicolas!" Most of the time, they misspell my name in the process. I delete these as well.

Third, the press releases that are personalized and at least somewhat organized do not provide any value. This is the most astounding part about the PR world, is the fact that the stories being pitched aren't stories at all. They're advertisements for clients. PR firms don't understand what resonates with readers because they're not writers themselves. And as much as they explain how the company (and CEO) they're representing is "different," the truth is, they're not.

This is the problem with content today: talking about someone (even the most successful people in the world) is rarely engaging. When people go searching for things online, they aren't searching specifically for your company or your CEO. What they're searching for is an answer to their question—a question they have, and would like someone knowledgeable to provide them the answer.

How you build trust, how you attract opportunities, new clients, and ultimately build yourself into a leading voice in your industry, has very little to do with getting someone at a major publication to write about you. Sure, it helps. It's "nice to have." But it's not the foundation.

The real process of becoming a Thought Leader comes down to you sharing what you know, in ways that are easily digestible and readily accessible.

This is exactly what I did for myself. In 2015, I started writing on Quora, a Question / Answer website where anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. What I realized very early on was that the platform's biggest influencers had mastered the art of both answering people's questions (providing value) and telling their own personal story (entertaining readers) at the same time. As a result, people were able to learn from highly credible sources, and at the same time felt like they knew who they were as people.

Intrigued, I started using this recipe myself.

On Quora, I have written over 600 answers. Over 50 of them have been republished in major publications: TIME, Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Apple News, Fox News, The Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, and more. My articles on Quora have received close to 20,000,000 views, not counting the millions of views my articles received after they were republished by other major publications. 

I have been a Top Writer on Quora for 3 years straight—2015, 2016, and 2017. 

There was a point where so much of my work was being republished from Quora to Inc Magazine, that they gave me my own column. I now write daily for them, and within the first month became one of their most popular columnists. 

This process is what showed me the power of valuable content—and also how few people know what writing "valuable content" actually means. There is an art to writing, and sadly many agencies and firms don't know the first thing about picking up a pen.

By building my own Personal Brand on the Internet through written content, I have generated more PR for myself than any PR firm ever could for one of their clients. I have been invited to speak at conferences and on major podcasts. I have guest blogged for massive websites. And I have authored and self-published both a memoir and a best-selling eBook series that has sold copies in 30+ countries around the world. 

I launched Digital Press after several well-known serial entrepreneurs and C-suite executives reached out to me, asking if I would be willing to ghostwrite for them. I started to realize there was a huge need in the market. The most knowledgeable people in every industry don't have the time to write their own content. They know more than anyone else, but they simply can't pump out the amount of quality volume I know through personal experience is required.

This is what we do.

We sit down with you and learn from you, one on one. We learn your voice, we get a firm sense of what you know better than anyone else, and then we write it in a way that resonates—and positions you as the author.

This is not PR.

This is not advertising.

This is good old-fashioned Thought Leadership, in the digital age.

Welcome to Digital Press.

- Nicolas Cole, Founder and Editor-in-Chief