Getting talked about is PR.
Establishing yourself as a trusted voice in your industry is Thought Leadership.
— Nicolas Cole, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

We work closely with you to take what you know best and craft it in a way that attracts readers on written platforms like Quora and LinkedIn. By building a foundation here first, you are able to establish yourself as a leader within your space. And because we know how to write things that people want to read, major publications, blogs, podcasts, and conferences will begin seeking you out to continue sharing your knowledge with the world.

Through this process, you will end up generating more long-lasting attention for yourself and your company than any PR agency ever could. 



We work closely with you to extract your greatest lessons and personal stories. We know the right questions to ask and how to keep you talking about what matters.



From your insights and stories, we get to work crafting high-quality, original pieces of approximately 800 words.

No sales pitches. No advertorials. Just valuable content worth reading--and sharing.




Each week, we post your material on LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium. From there, we leverage key relationships to boost the reach of your written content by getting pieces republished in major publications.